Sales For Startups – June 2018

Sales For Startups : Saturday, June 02 @ IIMB Audi 

The first step in a startup’s journey to success is sales. Finding the first ten customers is crucial for deciding any startup’s fate. If you are a startup, one of the biggest challenge is finding clients who are willing to bet on you when no one has heard of your company. It doesn’t come easy. It takes focus, perseverance and sometimes, a bit of luck.

 Sales is arguably the most important function in any Startup. Whether online, or a traditional brick-and-mortar business, or a combination of both; Sales is the key that unlocks the door to success, for all embryonic companies. Many startups are launched by engineers, designers, and product managers: which is why they have such great products.

 Everything in a startup depends on the quality of current and pipeline customers. A handful are lucky enough to have great sales people as part of their co-founding team, but the majority are left to do the selling with no sales expertise.

 We wanted to help startups with solving this enormous problem, and so we came up with a solution. We decided to serve you the secrets of first sales in a platter. Come and learn from fellow successful entrepreneurs about how they went about getting their first 10 customers. Get an inside view on key practices that helped them grow and employ them in your own business.

 The event is exclusive for entrepreneurs and  startup employees. Click here to know more details, Click her to register.

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