Sales For Startups – 2nd June 2018

On the 2nd of june 2018, NSRCEL IIMB hosted an event called Sales For Startups. The seminar consisted of various entrepreneurial founders who presented and shared their stories and experiences about their initial ten sales. The event was specifically curated towards startups, who often struggle with sales. Hearing from experienced entrepreneurs who have been through the same journey was meant to throw light on present startups on how successful enterprises faced the ‘sales’ elephant and succeeded in doing so. The morning begin with a short introduction on NSRCEL’s recent ventures. It was followed by a series of speakers who presented a brief take on personal sales experiences. The seminar was concluded with an interactive and informative questionnaire session.

Speaker Highlights

Missed the event? Don’t worry. Here is the gist on each presenter’s key takeaway.

  • The first guest speaker was Lalit Bhise, CEO of Mobisy tech. Lalit expressed his beliefs on forming emotional connections and resolving issues of listening bias as the biggest tools to precure sales.
  • Subramanyam Kasibhat, CEO of Vegam solutions, advised the audience to stand firm and believe in their convictions when it comes to sales.
  • Swapnil Agarwal, co-founder of Dhwani Rural Information,  stated that it is extremely important for a salesperson to establish solid relationships with their respective client. He also pinpointed on the fact that competition in pricing doesn’t always matter.
  • Deepesh Agarwal, CEO of MoveInSync, believes in avoiding shortcuts. He delivered this sentiment in a simple sentence – “enterprises are designed to be inefficient”.
  • The founder of Hiver, Niraj Ranjan Rout, focused on designing a non-customisable product roadmap approach.
  • Tarun Dua, the founder and CEO of E2E networks, leads his company by defining customer and technology-focused strategy and executing it with crisp and well-defined organization goals.
  • Co-founder and CEO of Almabase, Sri Maneru, preached that pricing must be based on value, not on features. He also says “ Find meaning, and then money”.
  • The final guest speaker was Sujoy Chaudhary, Co-founder of Airim. He shared his experiences about who his initial clients were ready to pay, as long as the service provided was valuable. 

NSRCEL plans to conduct similar events regularly. If you’re a startup or just someone looking to gain some valuable lessons on sales, ‘Sales For Startups’ is for you. Stay updated by visiting the sales for startups website for future events.