Digital Marketing For Startups Seminar

The first Saturday of every month witnesses a 4startups seminar, and this month was no different. NSRCEL hosted a Digital Marketing For Startups seminar on the 7th of July, 2018. Digital Marketing has a big role to play in today’s startup success. Internet has taken over the world like wildfire, and digital marketing is the key that allows enterprises to communicate with potential customers. Kesava Reddy, a part of NSRCEL, kicked off the event by rightfully saying that “Starting  digital marketing is important, but doing it right is very  important”. The seminar witnessed three highly experienced entrepreneurs with expertise in digital marketing. They shared intensive knowledge gathered from years of experience working in the digital marketing arena.


Venugopal Ganganna (CEO at Langoor Digital)

“Digital marketing is not just about using the right channel and content, it’s about an holistic approach, and way of thinking”. Venugonal believes that there are three pillars for creating a Digital Marketing framework for successful results:

  1. Getting traffic –  Brand thinking; Formulating core content strategy; and getting into the fundamentals of digital marketing
  2. Creating engagement and sales – Focus on platform thinking and marketing automation. Experiment around with what works for you, and what doesn’t.
  3. Transforming future –  This is the most important pillar.  Ask yourself – How do I anticipate future trends, and leverage that to my advantage?


Riyaz Hyder Mohiyuddeen (Nutanix Beam Marketing)

The experienced multiple co-founder broke down the basic concepts of digital marketing.

The best time for any startup to get into digital marketing was yesterday. As a co-founder, start mapping the customer journey from the very beginning. Follow a Quant-based marketing formula. Any marketing plan structured by a startup, has to be quantified. Set plans for your goals, along with deadlines.


Pavan Belagatti (Manager -Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking Shippable)

Pavan enlightened the audience with a comprehensive list of growth hacks for startups. Stay tuned on the 4startups website for a detailed article on Pavan’s growth hacks, and get actionable insights for your startup.


The illuminating seminar ended with an open questioning session, where members from the audience got the chance to probe the speakers’ expertise on the subject matter.


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