How to be a Growth Hacker 101

Pavan Belagatti, the Manager at Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking Shippable, shares his comprehensive insights on who to become a successful growth hacker, at the 4startups Digital Marketing For Startups Event at NSRCEL. Growth hacking or growth marketing is the non traditional approach to increase the growth rate, and market adoption of your product/service. It

Digital Marketing For Startups Seminar

The first Saturday of every month witnesses a 4startups seminar, and this month was no different. NSRCEL hosted a Digital Marketing For Startups seminar on the 7th of July, 2018. Digital Marketing has a big role to play in today’s startup success. Internet has taken over the world like wildfire, and digital marketing is the

5 Sales Hacks For Early Stage Entrepreneurs

“You always, always need to put your customers first. They are of the utmost priority, and your startup is primarily dependant on them. Give the customer what they want, not what you want to give them.” says Niraj, Co-founder, CEO of Hiver. At Hiver Niraj hired first sales person after reaching $1mn ARR. While delivering

Sales For Startups – 2nd June 2018

On the 2nd of june 2018, NSRCEL IIMB hosted an event called Sales For Startups. The seminar consisted of various entrepreneurial founders who presented and shared their stories and experiences about their initial ten sales. The event was specifically curated towards startups, who often struggle with sales. Hearing from experienced entrepreneurs who have been through

Airim – a SaaS solution for Customer Experience!

How to increase quality of inbound leads? How to increase SQL to MQL ratio? How to identify the customer needs? How to  improve customer experience on the webpage? These are evergreen challenges for digital marketers. Airim is the answer to all these questions. Have you ever gone to a website looking for specific information? But

Sales For Startups – June 2018

Sales For Startups : Saturday, June 02 @ IIMB Audi  The first step in a startup’s journey to success is sales. Finding the first ten customers is crucial for deciding any startup’s fate. If you are a startup, one of the biggest challenge is finding clients who are willing to bet on you when no