Neelu Tripathy

Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks

Neelu Tripathy is Principal Application Security Consultant and DevSecOps Practitioner at ThoughtWorks. She has a rich background in the offensive security primarily across Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration testing, Red Team Attacks, Threat Modelling and Design Reviews of web applications & APIs, Source Code Reviews, Data Leakage Investigations, Social Engineering engagements & Mass Reconnaissance. Some of her areas of interest in information security are the building and execution of various threat cases, bending business logic, phishing, social engineering scenarios, building exploits, WiFi Cracking, etc. She loves to use her analytical skills to participate in various research activities and innovation. She has spoken at c0c0n, bSidesDelhi & Nullcon, been primary trainer at BlackHat(2017-BIH), organized Villages at Defcon(2017-Recon) and Nullcon(2016-18, Social Engineering Village). She is OSCP & actively involved with the Indian security community and has led Null Mumbai and Bengaluru chapters.