Neena Pandey

Co-Founder of DigiSec360

Neena has recently finished her Ph.D. in Internet Governance in Information Systems Area from IIM Bangalore.

Her research work in the domain of Internet governance includes policy making related to zero-rating and net-neutrality plans, and the form in which the Internet should be governed.

During her Ph.D. she has either taken part or organized a number of workshops in the area of Internet governance, IT and Healthcare (focusing on data protection) etc.

She has presented her research work in various national and international conferences in New Delhi, Bangalore, Johannesburg and Paris etc.

Before starting her Ph.D. she has worked in firmware development at companies like Samsung India, Sencore Electronics and Verizon Data Services.

Her other academic credentials include M.Tech. in Computer Science and Technology from IIT Madras and M.Sc. in Statistics from IIT Kanpur.