Venugopal Ganganna

CEO at Langoor Digital

Venu has 21 years of experience in business development, and technology delivery,as he is popularly known brings exceptional imagination and organizational skills to the fast-paced creative environment at Langoor.

His 21 years of experience in business development, technology delivery and extensive execution capabilities with business units of more than a thousand people have turned him into a hardened, bullet-proof leader, driven by a technology-led communications’ strategy, his nuanced understanding of digital marketing and the manic pursuit of execution excellence.

Venu remains unfazed by the wild and unexpected demands of clients – and equally by the unreasonable demands of colleagues pursuing unconventional client objectives.

Venu is a qualified engineer with an advanced management education from Stanford. After spending over 12 years in the United States, Venu and his wife came home to a high of an inspiring farming revolution. Now, while peers dream of winning industry awards, Venu fantasizes about the smell of freshly tilled land and heading into the sunset on a tractor – a fact that will hopefully validate his down-to-earth approach to life and business.